Association of Phono Surgeons of India

Association of
Phono Surgeons of India

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Cadaveric Dissection of various Laryngeal Framework Surgeries: Video

Type 1 Thyroplasty
(Medialisation Laryngoplasty)

Arytenoid Adduction

Type 2 Thyroplasty
(Expansion Laryngoplasty)

Type 3 Thyroplasty
(Relaxation Laryngoplasty)

Type 4 Thyroplasty
(Tensioning Laryngoplasty)

(Left kashima cordotomy for bilateral vocal fold paralysis)

(Fat implantation in a patient of sulcus vocalis)

(microflap surgery for sub epithelial vocal fold cyst)

(microflap surgery for right hemorrhagic polyp)

(type 2 cordectomy nkn)

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Phonocon 2020

13th Workshop on Phonosurgery